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There's something special about having the right team for the job. There's an air of relief knowing your product is looked after and is going to get done the right way the first time. You can always rest easy with the confidence that you, your product and your business are in safe hands.

Daniel Conder


  • Just about anything technology related
  • Surfing
  • Horror movies

With over 20 years of experience in website and application development. Daniel launched Keystone UX in 2020 as a means to use his knowledge to improve the quality of website and application production around Australia. With a keen interest in the environment and genuine concern for the future, he is actively pushing his business to be green and always looking for new ways to make the planet better.

Daniel has degrees in photography, design and marketing which he uses to maximum effect in his day-to-day operations.

Timothy Hall

Creative Director / Copy writer

  • Yoga
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Travelling

With decades in the film & TV industries, creating award winning scripts, treatments and adverts, Tim has travelled the worled bestowing his knowledge and creativity to a massive list of clientelle. Tim's expertise in advertising and copywriting is hard to surpass and he brings his A-game every day.

Tim has degrees in marketing and business that not only makes him a great creative asset but a business-strategic powerhouse.

Amelia Cosgrove


  • Going to the movies
  • Working out a the gym
  • Dad jokes

With a decade of website development in her pocket, Amelia is formiddable when it comes to clean & efficient code. She is a whiz in development operations (devops) and handles linux platforms like a duck handles water. To balance her lineal approach to process and guidelines, she savours the opportunity to unleash a barrage of dad jokes, much to our groaning amusement.

Amelia has a degree in computer science that gives her the skills to produce some fantastic programming.

Jordan Hallen


  • Dogs
  • Fishing
  • Traditional painting

Jordan loves to chill. His perfect day is out on his boat, fishing and drawing and watching the day roll by. When in the office he is laser focused in his design work, creating some really amazing website designs. Jordan is always pushing the boundaries of design and savours the opportunity to push the limits of what websites are capable of doing.

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